Shirlee's Philosophy:

Shirlee believes that health comes from lifestyle changes and not a quick fix. Nourishing the body properly can do wonders. Whether it’s weight loss, clear skin, elevated mood, boost in energy, your food choices will have an impact. Shirlee does not believe in diets, Shirlee believes in habit changes, behavior modifications, and sustainable results. Food is meant to be enjoyed, while nourishing your body. 

inspiring you to be the best you

Shirlee's Mission:

Shirlee Rosen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in Los Angeles. Shirlee believes that by fueling the body and mind with whole food choices one can truly transform their life. She is passionate in fighting diet culture while guiding you to lifetime results. Shirlee understands that nutrition must be personalized for optimal results.

Ditch the diet and put an end to restricting foods and depriving your body. Shirlee will coach you to explore habit changes and behavior modifications to make gradual and sustainable changes to your health. She will work with you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and become your best self. You will learn how to trust your body, honor your body’s cues, and make food choices off of self-respect for your body!

She has improved her own well-being through changing her diet and lifestyle and understands what it takes. She is driven to help you achieve optimal health and looks forward to helping you reach your nutrition goals!

Shirlee's Education: